About Us

     Openspace Tours is a small, owner-operated tour company based out of Swakopmund, Namibia. We focus on the coastal region north of Swakopmund known as the Skeleton Coast and the inland environment of the Namib Desert. Our aim is to provide a closer look at this amazing and unique area.


     The Skeleton Coast is the only coastal desert environment on earth where the lion, elephant and rhino still exist. There are several other species that also migrate through this region making itan area of great concern of conservationists in Namibia. Our trips are not game drives neither are they aimed at finding creatures in the desert. We do see wildlife but moreso we look at the ecosystem as a whole from past, present and into the future.


     The  South Atlantic Benguela Current is a marine rich environment as well as a major contributor to Namibia's weather. Our trips include discussions about the weather patterns and oceanic currents that elucidate the unique features of our environment that influence the enormity of our coastal biodiversity. We aim to provide a complete synopsis of the Skeleton Coast and Namib Desert environment.


     Lastly, wee introduce local and national economic factors which have influenced the surrent state of the coast. What do business interests, conservation plans, government policies and the tourism sectors have in store for the future of the Skeleton Coast. We do our best to address these issues while enjoying the vastness and splendor the area has to offer.

A closer look at the Skeleton Coast and beyond